Accademia Tosatti

della Pasta Fresca

“There’s no secret about making pasta. You only need time and the right technique.”

The Accademia Tosatti della Pasta Fresca teaches the art of italian food tradition. Participate in our Workshops to experience this particular world!

Matteo Tosatti is passionate about using pure handcraft and best ingredients as well as working with traditional tools as the Rolling Pin, the Tagliapasta or Chitarra. He is happy to share with you his knowledge and skills, but also the feeling of something real and authentic.

During our Pasta Making & Cooking Classes you will learn step by step all important grips and tricks about making the most known types of fresh pasta and explore the secrets of the italian kitchen classics.

You want to have fun with colleagues or friends and get to know each other better during a workshop?
Our Team Events & Private Classes will be a perfect possibility for you!

Know some pasta lover who would love to learn more about pasta fresca? Gift one of our workshops to make her or him happy! Pastificio Tosatti offers you also personalized Gift Cards!

Pasta Making Classes - Pastificio Tosatti