“…girare pagina con grande emozione, fatta di piacere anche di inquietudine, come sempre dinanzi a un mistero di cui non si ha la chiave…”
(Tiziano Terzani, Un indovino mi disse)

The Shop is closed

I have decided to close the Pastificio and the last day will be the 1st of May 2021.

Yes, I know it is sudden and perhaps unexpected news. It was a difficult decision to make and it is even more difficult to communicate it to you, to find the right words to explain the reasons why.

I have found the perfect metaphor in the BOOK.
The book is called Pastificio Tosatti, it is a book whose introduction I started to leaf through in 2013, when the idea of opening a small fresh pasta shop started to form in my head.
When I decided to start this adventure on 01 May 2014, I started reading the first chapter of this intense book. The chapter is called THE SHOP.

After 7 years of “honorable service”, I have reached the end of the first Chapter.
How do I know? After all, it’s not an actual book, you don’t physically see the end of the words.

I feel it. I feel that there is nothing more to read and nothing more to discover. There are no more words.
It is time to turn the page and start a new chapter. To have new motivation, a new impetus.
Challenge myself once again, as I did 8 years ago when I decided to learn a new job and became a Sfoglino (Pasta maker).

It is the end of the chapter, but the book does not end.
Time to turn the page, to start a new chapter with that mystery that accompanies it…

Online Classes never stop!

I’m closing the shop but I will go on doing online Pasta Classes, both for individuals and team events for companies. On my website you will continue to find many beautiful events to learn how to make fresh pasta with me!

A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have made my DREAM come true.

See you soon!
Matteo Tosatti

Open chat
Feel free to write me to know more about my Online Pasta Classes ^_^
See you soon
Matteo Tosatti